“My yoga session with Ann was quite possibly the best thing I’ve done for myself all summer.  She has firsthand knowledge of the demands that are placed on a violinist’s body and I felt completely nurtured under her guidance. Ann radiates positive energy in everything she does. She is a beautiful musician and, to my newfound delight, a truly thoughtful and inspiring yoga teacher.”

Dale Barltrop, concertmaster, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

“I have practiced many kinds of yoga under many different teachers over the years and from my very first session with Ann, I knew she was very special. She is very aware of the body and helped me discover so many new ways to relax both my body and mind. I always left class feeling, of course, very invigorated, but also uplifted and positive and ready to continue with what was to come in my day. I think what sets Ann apart is not only her thorough training and technical awareness and knowledge of yoga, but her gentle spirit and aura that truly seem to become tangible during class and enfold each one of her students. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about practicing yoga to try out a week with Ann.

If you can imagine, I have known Ann as a musician even longer than I have as a yoga instructor. Her awareness of the body and how it works through her expertise in yoga is absolutely invaluable as a music teacher. She is an extremely sensitive and wonderful musician/violinist and her beautiful personality really shines in this medium. Ann has had extensive performance and teaching experience and I have had the pleasure of observing and experiencing both during her tenure in New York City.”

Jessica Lee, violinist, Johannes String Quartet

My restorative session with Ann was fantastic. As a violinist who rehearses many hours each day, I have tension that builds up in my back, neck, and shoulders. Because she is also a violinist, Ann knew exactly what areas to target and helped me locate and release the main sources of my tension. We did a lot of slow work- holding poses and breathing and relaxing into them. After just one lesson, my body felt so different! I felt looser and energized, and ready to get back to the practice room. If only I lived in San Francisco and could see Ann once a week!!

—Liza Zurlinden, violinist, New Century Chamber Orchestra