“Ann Lam was my daughter’s violin teacher for a year and a half, and we couldn’t have been more delighted with her if we had hand-crafted her ourselves. She embodies everything you could ever want for an instructor: She is patient, sweet and incredibly generous and kind. There is never a challenge that she is not up to meeting with laughter and grace. What is more remarkable is that she is skilled in teaching the violin not just as an instrument, but as a way for her students to better understand themselves in the amazing world of notes, music and song — while bringing out the very best in them as people and as developing artists. I recommend her with complete enthusiasm.”

— Rebecca Clark

“Ann is a warm, nurturing teacher who let our child explore her interest in music through balance. She was very good at focusing on the technical side of teaching the violin to our daughter, making sure she did things precisely and correctly. At the same time she allowed our child to explore her artistic interest in music by allowing her to choose pieces to play and kept violin fun, interesting, and alive. She was extremely respectful to our child, both in the way that she spoke and listened to her. She worked with us, as parents, in communicating her ideas; as well as listening and responding to what we had to say. Ann is very conscientious of the child and how music can be a part of their lives. I would highly recommend her for any student with a passion for the violin.”

— Suzanne Gourlay